What is it?

Jahwahdoon is a social media platform developed for IOS and Android devices, limited web integration is under consideration. It only cares about two things. Faith and Security. We vest ourselves in faith so that we don't stumble onto the dark paths that others tread. We care about security because privacy of thought, is the last refuge for any citzen of a free nation. The first thing is our guiding light, the second our sword and shield.

It's no secret that our rivals mine and sell the collected data from their users, they've even publically acknowledge giving it away to government agencies, without even being asked to via litigation. The government of the United States of America now has access to more personal information of, not only it's citzens, but of citizens of other nations across the globe, then any other government in the history of the world. It has an agenda, desireing to shape a narrative, and for some that propaganda has been successfully interwovened into their every thought pattern already.

WE ARE former members of the military and various intelligence communities that have found our light. We acknowledge our past failings. Our mistakes. In our desire to do what was right we forgot that our oath is to protect the citzens of our nation from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. The true enemies of the American people aren't always overseas. They're here. They reside deep in the dark recesses of buildings all over Washignton D.C., in buildings all over the nation, in buildings all over the world. They collect the information of the people. The People's Information. So we will do what is right, right now.


The Largest maintainers of cloud storage and webhosting platforms are also the biggest data miners. Consumers of these platforms are now being ostracized because of the permanence in which social media platforms maintain user profile information. Thoughts and actions performed in an ill-advised moment of youthful indiscretion are causing cyberbullying and suicides amongst teenagers. These large companies stock price only increases with each publicized audacity. Our brains aren't wired for the 24 hour connectivity we are living with now. So why don't we change the rules of this game if we're losing the battle


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